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There is a pressing need for low-friction, durable and cost-effective coatings for catheters and guidewires used in many medical applications.  Medical Surface has developed the MediShieldTM Lubricious Coatings for catheters and guidewires. The coating has ultralow friction, is extremely durable (covalent bonding) and cost-effective.
The outer surfaces of implanted medical devices (including biosensors, implants, artificial joints, heart valves) come in direct sustained contact with host tissues. The host response to implanted biomaterials can significantly interfere and impair the functions of implanted materials and sensors.  Medical Surface has developed the MediShieldTM  Biocompatible Coatings to effectively limit the Foreign Body Response and to significantly extend the life of implanted materials and sensors.  
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Contact lenses are increasingly being used for developing biosensors that can easily capture data on the various analytes within the tear film and translate it to practitioners in real time. Due to the hydrophobic nature of the materials used to make these contact lenses, hydrophilic coatings are needed to prevent tear breaking, increase comfort and reduce infections associated with long term wear.  Medical Surface has developed the MediShieldTM Hydrophilic Coatings for contact lens biosensors.
Medical Surface has developed an effective super-hydrophobic coating technology and an effective super-hydrophilic coating technology that can be used to coat gloves, fabrics, and general equipment used in medical applications. The super-hydrophobic and super-hydrophilic surfaces have self-cleaning effects that can keep bacteria off the surface.
Medical Surface has developed innovative surfaces for microplates and cell culture ware used in laboratory assays and cell culture. 
ISO 13485:2016 Certified
We are a leading provider of high quality, long lasting surfaces for implanted / wearable medical devices and biosensors, contact lenses, catheters and guide wires,   general medical and laboratory equipment
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