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Medical Surface Protein Binding Plate is designed to covalently bind proteins while significantly reduce background non-specific protein binding. It can be used in assays where proteins / antibodies / biologics are covalently bound in the microtitre plates and the plates are used to capture analytes / anti-drug antibodies (ADA) in clinical samples, such as NAb assays. When the analytes are eluted from the plates, the covalently bound proteins / antibodies / biologics will not be co- eluted. 
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Characteristics of Medical Surface Protein Binding Plates... Aldehyde Activated surface allows attachment of amine-containing proteins / antibodies to microplate wells for use in assays. Low non-specific binding 3-D matrix minimizes non-covalent binding of proteins / antibodies to microplate wells.
CellShield Surface has exceptionally low cell attachment and is suitable for... Culturing Stem Cells;  embryoid body formation / neurosphere formation Cancer research;  spheriod formation, cancer stem cell studies Cell culture in an unattached state;  primary cell cultures, spheroids, suspension based screening Leukocyte activation mechanism studies; monocytes, lymphocytes, macrophages, phagocytes Assays requiring an extremely low protein binding surface Culturing unattached cells, tissues and sheets for tissue engineering applications
C6 glioma cells were cultured in 10% serum media for 2 days. Uniform C6 spheroids formed on CellShield treated plates but not on control plates.
hES cells were cultured on CellShield coated plates. Well-formed embryoid bodies are evident on CellShield plates after 2 days.
Rat glioma cell line C6 Cells
Human embryonic stem cells
Medical Surface Protein Binding Plates 
Product Sub-category: Coated Plates for Protein Binding and Stem Cell Culture  
Medical Surface Coated Microplates for Laboratory Assays and Stem Cell Culture
CellShield is an innovative hydrogel coating that is designed specifically to prevent cell attachment and to significantly reduce protein binding.
CellShield coated surfaces are... Covalently Bound Biologically inert and non-degradable Noncytotoxic Eliminate Charge Interactions, Hydrogen Bonding and Hydrophobic Interactions
Reaction Scheme of Aldehyde Surface for Covalent Protein Binding