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Contact lenses are increasingly being used for developing biosensors that can easily capture data on the various analytes within the tear film and translate it to practitioners in real time. The development of a contact lens biosensor presents a noninvasive alternative for the detection and management of various diseases. Prototype biosensor lenses have already been used to investigate glucose levels and monitor intraocular pressure. Due to the hydrophobic nature of the materials used to make these contact lenses, hydrophilic coatings are needed to prevent tear breaking, increase comfort and reduce infections associated with long term wear.  Medical Surface has developed the MediShieldTM Hydrophilic Coatings for contact lens biosensors.  
Product Sub-category: Hydrophilic Coatings for Contact Lens Biosensors  
MediShieldTM  Hydrophilic Coatings for Contact Lens Biosensors
MediShieldTM  Hydrophilic Coating
The uncoated silicone lens surface is hydrophobic.
The coated silicone lens surface is permanently hydrophilic.
Characteristics of the MediShieldTM Hydrophilic Coatings... One-step, solvent-free coating process, fully compatible with biosensor enzymes and sensitive biosensor components Coatings are fully permeable to the analytes, therefore do not interfere with the detection of the analytes in the tear film Permanent hydrophilic coating on hydrophobic contact lens materials Optically clear, no interference with light transmission through coated lens Increased comfort of wearing Covalently bound hydrogel Proven stability on silicone contact lenses for more than 2 years